Mid-Oregon Production Arts Network (MOPAN) is a chapter of the Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA).
MOPAN is an economic development association for media production professionals centered in and near Lane County, Oregon, and is a non-profit, volunteer group.

If you’re looking for people to staff your production, click on the “SourceOregon Directory” link above to browse our many categories of production jobs.

SourceOregon is available online to producers and location scouts interested in doing business in Oregon. Many of our own members look to the directory to hire out specialized work or add personnel to local productions. Our directory is accessible worldwide to visiting production companies looking to hire local talent, crew, venues, and a variety of other production needs.

MOPAN provides many benefits to our members, including access to our meetings, blog, and listserv. Our events are a great way to connect with others working in production in Oregon.

We welcome industry veterans, students and those just starting in the industry to consider membership in MOPAN. We encourage members to share news and photos of their business and personal events on our blog site and at our meetings. Many feel this type of networking among like-minded industry professionals is worth the yearly price alone!

Be one of the first to learn about production and educational opportunities through MOPAN’s communications. Join with your peers at our monthly meetings. Share, learn, refer and be referred through the many resources and opportunities MOPAN offers.